Ballet Hispanico

Adventures in Dance (Ages 2-5)


Creative movement and Latino culture merge to form a fun atmosphere in which spatial awareness and self-expression can flourish.

Ballet Hispanico’s Adventures in Dance Program for ages 2-5 merges creativity, culture and technique. Its curriculum focuses on developing coordination, spatial awareness and musicality, with an emphasis on each child’s unique self-expression. Students learn proper dance etiquette, explore the wide spectrum of Hispanic culture and build a solid foundation for dance training in a joyful environment.

The Adventures in Dance program helps students gain the following skills:

  • Physical: Self-control, refinement of gross and fine motor skills, understanding of space and their bodies
  • Social/Affective: Listening, responding, taking turns, working cooperatively
  • Cognitive: Recognizing, recalling, identifying, differentiating and sequencing
  • Aesthetic: Exposure to Hispanic culture, arts and language, expressing a preference for dance movements and style.

To register by email, save completed form as “LAST NAME_Registration 14-15” and attach to an email to
Forms are also accepted via fax, mail, and in-person visits to the School of Dance office.

SCHOLARSHIPS are available for those who qualify.

Questions? Contact the School Office at 212-362-6710.

2014-15 class schedule below. Schedule also available for download HERE.

Pasitos 2

(2 year olds with parent or caregiver)
Children discover the joy of dance alongside an adult. Through the use of cultural imagery, songs, and games, this class fosters each student’s coordination, control, and musicality.

Pasitos 2  (2-year-old with parent/guardian)



Pasitos 3

Jump! Turn! Swirl! Students articulate body parts and explore shapes and actions. They execute basic locomotor movements and dive into a world of culture, while developing rhythm awareness and learning dance etiquette.

Pasitos 3

TUES 2:45-3:30PM
WED 11:15-12:00PM
SAT 9:15-10:00AM
SAT 11:45AM-12:30PM


Pasitos 4

Children expand their range of movement vocabulary in a creative and playful manner. Each lesson celebrates the Hispanic culture and enhances coordination, musicality, and movement dynamics with an emphasis on creative expression.

Pasitos 4



Pasitos Pre-Ballet

Creativity and technique are fused into one fun class that refines musicality, flexibility and control. Students will study basic ballet concepts through classic stories and cultural music, while also continuing to hone their creative expression.

Pasitos Pre-Ballet

MON 3:30-4:30PM
THURS 3:30-4:30PM
SAT 9:15-10:15AM


Hablando y Bailando

(4-5 year olds)
Creative movement and the Spanish language merge in this program. Children learn basic dance concepts, while following directions in Spanish. It is an incredibly rich and unique cultural experience.

Hablando y Bailando (4-5 year-olds)

WEDS 3:30-4:30PM


Cultural Latin Dance

(4-5 year olds)
Latin dance forms develop young children’s social skills in a fun learning environment. Students will learn basic partnering skills as they merengue and acquire rhythmic awareness as they listen to salsa and tango music. They will dance their way through Latin America’s most popular songs

Cultural Latin Dance

SAT  10:15-11:00AM



NEW! Pasitos Tap 4-5

(4-5 year olds)
Tap dance is an incredibly fun way to refine musicality, coordination and footwork precision, while enhancing each student’s cognitive ability. Through creative imagery, this class introduces children to tap dance basics.

Pasitos Tap 4-5


  • Students must be in proper dress to participate in class
  • Girls’ hair must be pulled back out of the face
  • No jewelry or watches should be worn
  • No plastic pants, extra tee shirts, or legwarmers are permitted
  • No skirts permitted
Pasitos 2, 3, 4, Cultural Latin Dance, and Hablando y Bailando 3, 4, 5 
  • Eurotard brand short sleeve leotard in Purple color, style # 44475c
  • Microfiber shorts in Steel color, style # 44335c or grey leggings or grey fitted sweatpants
  • Bare feet
  • Solid color fitted tee shirt
  • Grey bike shorts or grey fitted sweatpants
  • Bare feet

Pasitos Pre-Ballet 5
  • TB132C Short sleeve leotard in Pink with pink tights
  • Bare feet
  • Pink split-sole canvas ballet slippers are introduced in January
  • White fitted tee shirt
  • Black leggings
  • Bare feet
  • White socks and white split-sole canvas ballet slippers are introduced in January
Pasitos Tap 4-5
  • Age 4: Eurotard brand short sleeve leotard in Purple color, style # 44475c with Microfiber shorts in Steel color, style # 44335c or Body Wrappers ProTech Dance short style B192 in Charcoal or grey leggings
  • Age 5: TB132C Short sleeve leotard in Pink with pink tights
  • Black 3800 Mary Jane
  • Age 4: White fitted tee shirt with Microfiber shorts in Steel color, style # 44335c or Body Wrappers ProTech Dance short style B192 in Charcoal or grey sweatpants
  • Age 5: TB132C Short sleeve leotard in white with black leggings
  • Black 442C Tapster

Where to Purchase

Ballet Hispanico school uniform requirements are available at Barbara Gee Danskin Center at Broadway & 83rd Street. There is a 25% discount for Ballet Hispanico students.

Capezio 69th Street and Amsterdam (Look out for our Private BH Shopping Nights- three per year 30% off)

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