About Ballet Hispánico


Ballet Hispánico brings communities together to celebrate and explore Latino cultures through innovative dance productions, transformative dance training, and community engagement.

About Ballet Hispánico
Ballet Hispánico, America's leading Latino dance organization, has been bringing people together to celebrate the joy and diversity of Latino cultures for 50 years.

Over the past five decades, Ballet Hispánico’s mission-driven ethos has been a catalyst of change for communities throughout our nation. By bringing the richness of the Latinx culture to the forefront of performance, education and social advocacy, Ballet Hispánico is a cultural ambassador.

The organization’s founder, National Medal of Arts recipient Tina Ramirez, sought to give voice to the Hispanic experience and break through stereotypes. Today, Ballet Hispánico is led by Eduardo Vilaro, an acclaimed choreographer and former member of the Company whose artistic vision responds to the need for social equity, cultural identity, and quality arts education for all.

Ballet Hispánico has been, and will continue to be, a beacon for diversity. The art we create explores and celebrates the culture without the trappings of stereotypes. We foster the pursuit of art as a way of providing transformation through the exploration of the human condition. Our art often defies gravity, acting as a frontline against cultural division by releasing preconceived notions of culture and instead offering our audiences new perspectives.


The Company is a group of highly trained professionals who perform the works of Latino choreographers for audiences around the world. Our repertory explores the diversity of Latino cultures and brings innovative ways of experiencing and sharing a cultural dialogue. Representing a multitude of nationalities, our artists reflect the ever-changing face of our nation.

School of Dance

The Ballet Hispánico School of Dance trains eclectic, versatile dancers who stand out in a competitive professional environment for their mastery of the classical ballet tradition, contemporary techniques, and Spanish dance. Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance, the School empowers students by offering a holistic approach to movement discovery, including pre-professional training and classes for the novice dancer. The School also offers adult classes and workshops that provide cultural enrichment and the joy of dance to everyone.

Community Arts Partnerships
Community Arts Partnerships (CAP) engage and enrich communities by providing exploratory learning experiences of Latino cultures in New York City and around the world. CAP includes in and after-school dance residencies that unite teaching artists with the school community, interactive performances featuring our second company, BHdos, or our main Company, classroom workshops, and master classes with Ballet Hispánico’s Company members. Our CAP programs extend beyond the New York City area via our Company, which shares our commitment to cultural engagement and arts education to communities internationally. While on tour, the Company offers residencies that are individually tailored to expose students to arts learning, to support a cultural dialogue in the community, and to share the power of dance with local educators and organizations. CAP has transformed the lives of thousands of people in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, and more.

The CAP menu of activities in New York City offers in and after-school arts and education residencies, workshops in dance forms from Spain and Latin America, interactive performances by our teaching artists, and excerpts of Ballet Hispánico’s repertory in our Performances for Young People (PYP). The contrast of dance styles and genres within our CAP program will allow the students to widen their perspectives of dance and culture while celebrating the rich diversity in our community’s heritage. CAP brings the enjoyment of Latino dance traditions to nearly 19,000 children and family members nationwide.

*Ballet Hispánico’s facility offers full accessibility to those with disabilities.


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Photo Credits (left to right): Shelby Colona and Chris Bloom in CARMEN.maquia | Photo my Marius Fiskum/ Northern Lights Festival; Photo by Hayim Heron; Photo courtesy of Grant Avenue Elementary School 

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