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Community Arts Partnerships (CAP)


Ballet Hispánico´s Community Arts Partnerships (CAP) is currently accepting applications for teaching artists who are versed in Latin American dance forms (folkloric, traditional, or social), in Flamenco, and/ or in Afro-Caribbean dance forms to collaborate with school residencies, workshops, and master classes.


  • Knowledge in Latin American dance forms, Flamenco, and/ or in Afro-Caribbean dance forms
  • Evidence of exemplary teaching practices and sound methodology in creating progressive lesson plans
  • Experience teaching in K-12 public school settings and neighborhood centers, creating an accessible program that facilitates learning for all
  • Dance and pedagogy studies from accredited institutions (Certification or College degree) is preferable but not required
  • A teaching vocation that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Positive and efficient classroom management tools
  • Personable and engaging interpersonal skills, with approachable and empathetic rapport
  • Prompt administrative responsiveness in organizational communication, planning, and deliverables


Ballet Hispánico's Community Arts Partnerships is committed to building spaces of expression that empower communities of color. We are devoted to cultivating a generation of critical thinkers by highlighting each student's capacity for creative expression. We stand to dismantle the systematic racism that has affected our communities over centuries and as such, we offer dance programs that provide quality instruction along with essential social values that help empower young people in today's environment. Our programs offer the authenticity and representation of our traditions while allowing youth to create their own narratives about themselves and about what it means to be a Latinx/a/o today as they learn the joys of dance.


The Community Arts Partnerships education philosophy embraces a culturally relevant methodology that encourages the research of Latinx/a/o expressions, history, and legacies through the work of artists, dancers, musicians, and choreographers while supporting a student-centered approach, where the student shapes and informs the educational experience. We embrace the cultural intersectionality of our communities in order to affirm existing ideas of what it means to be Latinx/a/o and re-envision a contemporary voice for the representation of that identity. Our holistic programs immerse students in the technical training of traditional and current Latinx/a/o dance forms by inviting them to celebrate diversity and connect with the community. Our goal is to create an experience that is accessible, inspirational, unifying, and that supports the environment of the learning communities.


  • Elevate the perception of Latinx/a/o communities by exposing students to dance techniques and training and celebrating traditional, social and contemporary Latinx/a/o dance forms
  • Develop somatic awareness and mindful connections among the body, mind and breath through the training of Latinx/a/o dance forms
  • Strengthen participant’s self-esteem through movement exploration based on cultural relevant teaching and personal experiences
  • Foster a sense of respect for everyone's culture
  • Provide a support system for students by opening avenues of expression
  • Support student’s critical thinking by offering experiences that put the student at the center of their learning
  • Build community and a sense of belonging among participants, families, teaching artists, school members, and BH Staff


  • Cover letter expressing why you would like to collaborate with us, clarifying the specific dance forms you are most experienced in (Flamenco, Afro-Caribbean dance, or Latin American folkloric, traditional, or social dance), teaching philosophy, and indicating if you already have obtained the NYC fingerprint verification requirement
  • Resume
  • Minimum of two references


Send all listed required materials via e-mail to nmesa@ballethispanico.org with the subject heading of "CAP Teaching Artist - Applicant's Name."

E-mail submissions only. No phone calls please.

Upon receipt of your application, you will be notified regarding any next steps.

CAP Teaching Artist

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