Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement & Principles

Ballet Hispánico is an organization that has served black and brown communities since its inception. At this pivotal moment in the racial justice movement, we too have a responsibility to look within and challenge areas in our organization that are affected by white supremacy and racial inequality. We stand by our original mission and its principles and will deepen each commitment in our daily practice.

Founding Principles

Principles in Practice

1. Creates and performs works of art that share the totality of the Latinx experience.

1. Create intentional processes in dancemaking that support the full spectrum of our intersectional Latinx diaspora stories and histories.

2. Provides alternative narratives through our work on stage and in the community.

2. Expand the artistic selection process by inviting diverse voices into the decision making.

3. Promotes Latinx cultures in all their diversity, beauty, and histories.

3. Demand the fullness of representation via repertory, marketing strategies, branding protocols, education programs, program language describing and illustrating our work and repertory and the quality of our productions and engagements, internally and externally.

4. Is a model for our communities through our art (leadership, inclusion, diversity.)

4. Demand and expect our values of engagement/education as a priority with presenters, collaborators, and partners.

5. Nurtures, elevates and makes visible artists of color.

5. Cement the engagement of partners, neighbors, and community in open discussions of DEI as a value and a programmatic priority.

6. Nurtures and trains our young people with a safe space for personal growth and self-actualization.

6. Invest our scholarship funding exclusively on children of
color and systemically disenfranchised communities.

 7. Nurtures leadership with artists, educators, students, and staff.

7. Commit to the expansion of pipelines for artists, students, cultural workers and leaders in the field. Uphold mentorship and sponsorship for BIPOC leaders.

8. Provides a platform and engages with historically marginalized communities with external partnerships nationwide.

8. Identify partners to provide pipelines and trajectories for communities without the arts or arts resources. Create strategies that align communities and Latinx dance organizations with our resources.

9. Provides nationwide access to communities of color and quality dance experiences via performances, training, and community advocacy.

9. Develop relationships and design solutions that build catalysts for change by centering on serving communities of color.

10. Is a legacy of representation, equity, and inclusion.

10. Ballet Hispánico will always leave a legacy of humanity behind, a representation of equity and inclusion via dance.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Principles

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