BUnidos por la Cultura

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

BUnidos por la Cultura

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

Legacy, Representation, and Impact of Latinx Arts

BUnidos por la Cultura is Ballet Hispánico's 2020 celebration in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Usually commemorated by the annual A la Calle Block Party, this year's celebration is entirely virtual! Kicking off on September 15 with interactive programming from September 21 - October 15, each week will feature inspirational messages from Latinx figures, performances from Latinx dance companies, salsa classes, discussions of Ballet Hispánico's history with alumni and current Company members, and familial cooking sessions of favorite Latinx dishes. View upcoming events and the latest videos below!

New Videos Every Weekday!

  • Orgullo Latino Mondays - Hispanic leaders and influencers share the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month and their Latinx(a,o) identity.
  • Salsa Tuesdays - Learn salsa steps from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba and New York. Recognize the unique flare of each country's salsa!
  • Wepa Wednesdays - Weekly Watch Parties of repertory from Latinx dance companies across the world followed by a live Q&A, Choreographers & Cocktails, with the artists. Featured companies include Bombazo Dance Company, Pajarillo Pintao, Sankofa Danzafro, and Antares Danza Contemporanea.
  • Tiki-Tiki Thursdays - Live discussions with backstage tales and insider details from Company alumni and current dancers.
  • Fiesta Fridays - A featured family creates a favorite recipe to share, highlighting the history of the dish and the diversity of our food culture.


Explore the latest videos below for each day of BUnidos por la Cultura. Click on the box to view the corresponding video. New videos will be released each day starting Monday, September 21.

October 16, 2020
Finale Friday: Hispanic Heritage Celebration with 2000 – 2020 Company Alumni & Current Company Dancers
October 15, 2020
<i></picture>Tiki Tiki</i> Thursday: 1990-2000 Artistic Journey with Natalia Alonso, Jessica Batten, Irene Hogarth Cimino, Rodney Hamilton
October 14, 2020
<i></picture>Wepa</i> Wednesday Watch Party: SANKOFA DANZAFRO
October 13, 2020
<i></picture>Salsa</i> Tuesday: New York Salsa with Wil Nieves
October 12, 2020
<i></picture>Orgullo</i> Latino Monday featuring Marcos Torres
October 9, 2020
<i></picture>Fiesta</i> Friday with Former Company Dancer Lynne Calamia and Family
October 8, 2020
<i></picture>Tiki Tiki</i> Thursday: 1980-1990 Education with Company Alumni Jose Costas, Ricardo Melendez, Nancy Turano, and Merceditas Mañago-Alexander
October 7, 2020
<i></picture>Wepa</i> Wednesday Watch Party: PAJARILLO PINTA'O
October 6, 2020
<i></picture>Salsa</i> Tuesday: Puerto Rican Salsa with Luis Salgado
October 5, 2020
<i></picture>Orgullo</i> Latino Monday: Armando Correa
October 2, 2020
<i></picture>Fiesta</i> Friday with School of Dance <i>Familia</i> Zuleyka Guevara and Alicia Robles
September 30, 2020
<i></picture>Wepa</i> Wednesday Watch Party: ANTARES DANZA CONTEMPORÁNEA
September 29, 2020
<i></picture>Salsa</i> Tuesday: Colombian Salsa with Ana Saoco
September 28, 2020
<i></picture>Orgullo</i> Latino Monday: Nina Vaca
September 25, 2020
<i></picture>Fiesta</i> Friday with School of Dance Associate Cecilia Caceres
September 24, 2020
<i></picture>Tiki Tiki</i> Thursday: 1970-1980 <i>Primeros Pasos</i> with Company alumni Nancy Ticotin, Alfred Gonzáles, and Kathryn Ross Nash
September 23, 2020
<i></picture>Wepa</i> Wednesday: Bombazo Dance Co.
September 22, 2020
<i></picture>Salsa</i> Tuesday: Cuban Salsa with Lyvan Verdecia
September 21, 2020
<i></picture>Orgullo</i> Latino Monday: Gloria Calderón Kellett
September 15, 2020
<i></picture>BUnidos por la Cultura</i> Promo
September 14, 2020
Eduardo Vilaro Announces <i></picture>BUnidos por la Cultura</i>

Our artists are resilient and with your support they will thrive. 

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BUnidos por la Cultura

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