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Behind the Work with CAP: Homebound/Alaala
Motivational Monday: Danni Gee
Motivational Monday: Rhina Valentin
Behind the Work with CAP: El Viaje
Motivational Monday: Eduardo Vilaro
Motivational Monday: Eva Yaa Asantewaa
Behind the Work with CAP: Sombrerísimo
Motivational Monday: Linda Celeste Sims
Behind the Work with CAP: Waiting for Pepe
Motivational Monday: Luis Miranda
Therapeutic Thursday: Fitness Class
Behind the Work with CAP: Nací
Behind the Work with CAP: Bury Me Standing
Therapeutic Thursday: Yoga Vinyasa Flow
Behind the Work with CAP: El Beso
Take Action Tuesday: Open Level Latin Rhythms
Behind the Work with CAP: Asuka
Motivational Monday: Sergio Trujillo
Wepa Wednesday: Samba
Therapeutic Thursday: Foot Articulation & Conditioning
Take Action Tuesday: Ballet Barre
Motivational Monday: Eduardo Vilaro
Therapeutic Thursday: Fitness for Pequeños
Turn the Beat Around Challenge

Our artists are resilient and with your support they will thrive. 

Unite with us to ensure their future and our future.


or text "ARTISTS" to 91999

"As a community of dancers, artists, and human beings, we are all in this together. We will persevere through this challenging time and we hope that these videos provide a coping outlet for you, our followers, and our community overall."

-Eduardo Vilaro, Artistic Director & CEO

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