Encuentros: Open Class Program (Ages 6-18)


Providing the  young dance enthusiast with cultural enrichment alongside excellent dance training.


The General Program at the Ballet Hispánico School of Dance offers something for everyone. Developed with the highest level of artistic excellence offered at any dance institution, our program supports the recreational dancer interested in taking one to three classes a week. With over 25 classes a week in a wide array of genres--from ballet and flamenco to hip-hop, salsa, and jazz--our students receive not only a thorough grounding in the primary techniques, but also specialized training in the rich and varied Latin American dance traditions, which for many is their cultural heritage.

SCHOOL YEAR 2018-19- Online Registration Begins June 12

Register online anytime. In-person office hours are Tuesday through Friday 2:00PM-7:00PM and Saturdays 10:00AM - 4:00PM.

Financial Aid Scholarships are available to those who qualify. Financial Aid Scholarship applications are part of the program registration form. To apply for a Financial Aid Scholarship, you will be required to submit the following:
  • Completed Registration Form
  • 2017 IRS 1040 tax return forms
  • Completed Financial Aid Application Parts I and II

Applications are not considered complete unless all forms are submitted together. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please allow two weeks for processing.
Questions? E-mail school@ballethispanico.org for assistance.

Class schedule subject to change.


The ballet program at Ballet Hispánico is uniquely designed to serve as the foundation of all the dance techniques. Students develop self-confidence and a strong understanding and mastery of technical skill in a disciplined yet nurturing environment. The program emphasizes attention to detail, dynamic movement, musicality, and expressiveness through dance quality.

Ballet Class Schedule

*Classes with an asterisk require advisor approval before registering
MON 3:30-4:25PM Intro to BalletAge 6


4:00-4:55PM Beginner BalletAges 7-8
MON4:00-4:55PM  Pre-Teen BalletAges 9-11
TUES 4:00-4:55PM Beginner BalletAge 7-8
TUES 4:00-4:55PMTeen BalletAges 12-18
THURS3:30-4:25PM Intro to BalletAge 6
FRI 4:00-4:55PMPre-Teen Ballet Ages 12-18
SAT 9:00-9:55AMIntro to BalletAge 6
SAT 10:00-10:55AM Beginner BalletAges 7-8
SAT 10:00-11:10AM Teen Ballet IIAges 12-18
SAT 2:00-2:55PM Pre-Teen Ballet IAges 9-11
SAT 2:00-2:55PM Pre-Teen Ballet IIAges 9-11
SAT 3:00-3:55PM Beginner BalletAges 7-8



Spanish Dance forms have been the backbone of the School of Dance since it’s founding in the early 1970s. Our curriculum incorporates varied regional dance styles from Spain, including flamenco and escuela clásica. These dramatic techniques engage the entire body through intricate hand, arm, and footwork exercises and castanet mastery. Classes feature training in complex rhythmic exercise, exploring the roots and history of the forms, and learning the traditional dances of the Spanish regions.

Flamenco Class Schedule

*Classes with an asterisk require advisor approval before registering
TUES 4:00-4:55PM Beginner Flamenco Ages 7-8
WED 3:30-4:25PM Beginner Flamenco Ages 7-8
THURS4:00-4:55PM Pre-Teen Flamenco Ages 9-11
FRI 4:00-4:55PM Teen Flamenco Ages 12-18
SAT 11:30-12:25PM Teen Flamenco II Ages 12-18
SAT  12:00-12:55PM Beginner Flamenco Ages 7-8
SAT 1:00-1:55PM Pre-Teen Flamenco IAges 9-11
SAT1:00-1:55PMPre-Teen Flamenco IIAges 9-11


Explore the distinctive styles and history of hip-hop! As hip-hop developed in New York City many of its founding creators were young Latino(a) men and women. With its strong connection to African movement, hip-hop is linked to the explosive era of the 1970s. Students focus on various styles: locking, popping, house, breaking, and freestyle.

Hip-Hop Class Schedule

TUES 4:00-4:55PM Pre-Teen Hip-Hop Ages 9-11
WED 4:00-4:55PM Pre-Teen Hip-Hop Ages 9-11
THURS4:00-4:55PM Beginner Hip-Hop Ages 7-8
Beginner Hip-Hop
Ages 7-8
SAT  11:00-11:55PM Beginner Hip-Hop Ages 7-8
SAT  12:30-1:55PM Teen Hip-Hop Ages 12-18




The fundamentals of Jazz technique build strong body alignment and emphasize muscle awareness through form, shape, style, and flexibility. Each of our three levels increase in complexity and helps develop the student’s musicality and retention skills as they perform Jazz combinations and learn the artistry of theatrical repertory.

Jazz Class Schedule

*Classes with an asterisk require advisor approval before registering
MON 5:30-6:25PM Teen
Jazz II
Ages 12-18
FRI 6:45-7:40PM Teen Jazz Ages 12-18
SAT 11:00-11:55PM Pre-Teen Jazz I Ages 7-8
SAT 11:00-11:55AM Pre-Teen Jazz II* Ages 9-11
SAT 2:00-2:55PM Beginner Jazz Ages 7-8



Designed to teach students the history and social etiquette of Latin dances, these classes sharpen skills in dance position, frame, footwork, body actions, arm styling, floor craft, and partnering. Each level increases in complexity.

Salsa & Latin Rhythms Class Schedule

*Classes with an asterisk require advisor approval before registering
MON 7:00-8:00PMTeen Salsa IIAges 12-18
THURS7:30-8:30PMTeen Afro-CubanAges 12-18
SAT  3:15-4:25PM Pre-Teen & Teen Latin Rhythms Ages 9-18


Ballet Hispánico furthers students' fluency in rhythmic styles by offering tap in tandem with Flamenco studies. Students will learn tap fundamentals as they develop footwork precision, movement coordination, balance, and rhythmic accuracy. Emphasis is given to developing the student’s artistry and improvisation skills in this form.

Tap Class Schedule

MON3:30-4:25PMBeginner TapAges 7-8
MON4:30-5:25PMPre-Teen & Teen Tap II*Ages 9-18
WED3:30-4:25PMIntro to TapAge 6
THURS3:30-4:25PMBeginner TapAges 7-8
SAT9:00-9:55AMPre-Teen  & Teen Tap IIAges 9-18


FRI 4:00-4:55PM Technique Ages 9+
SAT 2:00-2:55PM Pre-Teen  & Teen* Ages 9-18
SAT 2:30-2:55PM Pre-Teen & Teen Sevillanas Ages 9-18
SAT 3:00-3:25PM Pre-Teen & Teen Stretch & Conditioning Ages 9-18
SAT 4:30-4:55PM Pre-Teen & Teen Stretch & Conditioning Ages 9-18

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