CAP Teaching Artist

Milerka Rodriguez

CAP Teaching Artist

Milerka, known as “Mile” (ME-leh), is an ARTrepreneur from New York. Music, movement, and writing are the tools she uses to find balance as a Dominican-American woman in a complex world. Recently she has been on a spiritual and re-indigenization journey that informs her work and views on life.

Dance has always been a passion for Milerka. Although she was unable to take lessons growing up, she taught herself from online videos and created her own choreographed pieces with friends and classmates. She began taking classes in New York City and joined New Beginnings Dance Company led by Kyra Johnson in 2009. There she continued her training in ballet, modern, African and Afro-Caribbean dance. Milerka is also a member of Les Ballet Afrik led by the legendary Omari Wiles. She has performed domestically and internationally and taught dance to all ages in schools and companies including Pizarts, ABT, BDC, and Peridance. Milerka strives to produce works that move the spirit, inspire change, spread messages of love, enlighten minds, and show the world that it’s never too late!


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Milerka Rodriguez, CAP Teaching Artist

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