CAP Teaching Artist

Maria Piedad

CAP Teaching Artist

Maria Piedad is a choreographer and a teacher. She graduated from the Cuban National Ballet School in Havana and from the NYU/American Ballet Theatre® M.A. in ballet pedagogy. She has developed her artistic career in Ecuador, Cuba, and the U.S. and has been a member of the International Dance Council CID-UNESCO since 2009. She also teaches character, historical, jazz, Latin American, and contemporary dance. Maria Piedad is an ABT® Affiliate Teacher who is certified to teach the ABT® National Training Curriculum from pre-primary through level 7 and partnering, having successfully presented students for examinations.

Besides her work at Ballet Hispánico in the Early Childhood, Encuentros, and La Academia Pre-Professional and ProfessionalStudies programs, she has served as the pedagogic adviser and choreographer for "Danzas" Ballet School in Ecuador since 1999. Maria Piedad was the Artistic Director and Choreographer for ProDanza-Ecuador, Commercial Dance Company (2001-12), K-12 Dance Educator for the German and American Schools in Quito (2003-12), Chief of Rehearsals for the National Ballet of Ecuador (2004-08), and a Classical Repertoire Teacher at the Ballet School "Alejo Carpentier" in Havana (1999-2000).

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Maria Piedad, CAP Teaching Artist

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