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Lenai Wilkerson

Born & Raised: Washington, D.C.

Joined Ballet Hispánico: 2019

When did you start dancing?

I started dancing at 2 years old, after my older sister was enrolled.

Who have been the biggest supporters of your dance career, and how have these people impacted you?

I have undeniably supportive parents. And I know that is a rarity as an artist to have such support. It has not been an easy road in trying to find my way, have access to different training opportunities, or even find confidence in my craft. However, my parents have always been my biggest cheerleaders. When I would enter an institution that tried to diminish my success, or not accept me because of the color of my skin, my parents stood right behind me AND were already two steps ahead of me to find the next opportunity that would not discount me. I owe so much to them.

Why did you choose to audition for the Company?

Ballet Hispánico is committed to celebrating difference. My mission dually as dancer and as human is to thrive in embracing my anomaly, my cultural difference, and my purpose. I know that Ballet Hispánico is a safe haven where all of my missions can not only be supported but celebrated.

How do you see your generation impacting the field of dance?

This generation has access to intersectionality in a way that previous generations have not had. The opportunity to create with collaboration, access to readily available information, or innovative platforms for artistic sharing is forever evolving. I foresee many blurred lines where rigid ones once stood dismantling highbrow-lowbrow binaries. I am excited for the cultural exchange and acceptance of difference that is to come in this next generation of dance.

Lenai Wilkerson

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