If Walls Could Speak (2015)

If Walls Could Speak

Choreography by Fernando Melo

Music by Adriano Santos, Marcus Santos, Fernando Saci, Keita Ogawa
Costume and Set Design by Elle Kunnos de Voss
Lighting Design by Joshua Preston
Artistic Collaborator Shumpei Nemoto

In this work, which is rooted in his home country of Brazil, Fernando Melo draws upon a modern paradox: people living in densely populated, hyperconnected urban settings often feel more lonely than people living in the most remote villages. With the pulse of live Brazilian percussion as its backdrop, If Walls Could Speak invites the audience to explore notions of anonymity and isolation in the fast-paced, repetitive rhythm of big city living.

World Premiere: November 20, 2015 at the Apollo Theater

Photos by Paula Lobo

If Walls Could Speak (2015)

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