Nací (2009)


Choreography by Andrea Miller

Assisted by Allysen Hooks and Dan Walczack
Music by A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Capilla Antigua De Chincilla, Tony Gatlif, Francoise Atlan, Aicha Redouane, Monserrat Figueras, Pari intervallo, and Banda Ionica
Costume Design by Andrea Miller and Diana Ruettiger
Lighting Design by Savannah Bell

Drawing from the multiplicity of her American, Spanish and Jewish background, choreographer Andrea Miller employs her distinctive movement language to search for a sense of home. In the uprooted and ghost towns of memory and the streets of her families countries, Miller draws music from composers and cultures that share a remembrance of lost and found homelands.

World Premiere: 2009 at The Joyce Theater

Nací (2009)

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