Puntos Suspensivos (2010)

Puntos Suspensivos

Choreography by Maray Gutierrez
Music by Gabriela Lena Frank
Costumes by Eduardo Vilaro
Costume Construction by Diana Ruettiger
Lighting Design by Joshua Preston

The title means ellipses and the work is a reflection on connecting authentically and viscerally to one’s culture. Gabriela Lena Frank's score evokes the sound of traditional Asian instruments while employing the cello, violin, and viola.

Puntos Suspensivos was commissioned, in part, with funding from Works and Process at the Guggenheim and the American Music Center Live Music for Dance Program and was created in Ballet Hispanico’s Instituto Coreográfico funded by The Rockefeller Brother’s Fund and The Ford Foundation.

Music for Puntos Suspensivos used by arrangement with G. Schirmer, Inc.

World Premiere: November 30, 2010 at The Joyce Theater

Photos: Eduardo Patino, NYC

Puntos Suspensivos (2010)

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