Arts and Education Residencies

Ballet Hispánico’s Community Arts Partnerships have been bringing arts education residencies to New York City Public Schools since 1970. Residencies are designed to improve student access to quality arts learning experiences through collaboration and coordination with school principals, arts educators, and members of the wider community. The residencies use dance, choreography, and performance as the starting point, and expand out to integrate these art forms with the classroom curriculum and related subjects including creative writing, cultural studies, history, and literature. Ballet Hispánico residencies aim to provide more and better arts education to children, thereby improving their overall academic performance and success.

All residencies include:

  • A planning meeting
  • Weekly 45-minute lessons with a teaching artist
  • A reflection meeting with classroom teachers
  • fully-costumed culminating performance for friends, teachers, and parents

Educators also have the opportunity to participate in Professional Development Workshops that introduce key dance concepts and ways to integrate them into classroom curriculum. Additional programs can be added depending on the needs an interests of each school.

For more information about our programs, please contact our Community Arts Partnerships Education Manager. In addition, please e-mail our Development Department to find out how your donation can help make these programs possible.

Ballet Hispánico is a licensed vendor through the New York City Board of Education: Vendor No. BAL 06500, Contract No. QR891DF. Ballet Hispanico's residencies meet the standards set in the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts, as well as the New York State Standards in the Arts, English Language Arts and Social Studies.


Grades K-2

Students explore physical expression and build vocabulary in movement and Spanish language with use of dances, literature, art and music from the Hispanic Diaspora. They also learn about body and spatial awareness and explore different movement qualities.

Sample Residency:
Mariangela Lopez Pre-K Residency at PS 315K
Students were introduced to Mexico and Mexican culture through the use of the book, Too Many Tamales, by Gary Soto and Ed Martinez and through movement exploration.


Grades 3-5

Students delve into learning a specific movement style from the Hispanic Diaspora, while building a physical and cognitive understanding of the rhythm, sequencing, movement quality and patterns informed by that style. Movement styles include: Afro-Caribbean, Spanish Dance, Modern Dance, and Folkloric dances of the Americas.

Sample Residency:
Students were introduced to the principals of Spanish Dance with Teaching Artist JoDe Romano. With the use of Capes, Castanets and Fans students learned the about the rhythms, movement qualities, and culture of Spain.

Photo by: Joshua Preston
Teaching Artist: JoDe Romano
Flamenco Student: Craig, 3rd Grade PS 166m


Grades 6-8

Students develop technical skills in dance and learn the principles of choreography and performance as dancers and audience members. They will connect personal expression with expression in the dance style they are learning.
In this age group we have worked with Theater and dance teachers, Spanish language teachers and Teachers of English as a Second Language Students, and youth/community groups outside of the school setting. Movement styles include: Afro-Caribbean, Spanish Dance, Modern Dance, and Folkloric dances of the Americas.

Sample Residency:
Students focused on the repertory piece, Guajira, choreographed by Cuban-American Dancer, choreographer and former Ballet Hispanico Company Dancer, Pedro Ruiz. The piece was used as a resource for learning about Cuban Culture and dance styles while making connections to the language arts and social studies curricula.


Grades 9-12

Specially-designed programs, depending on the level of experience with dance, will help students explore movement qualities and connect them with student led projects based on their learning in dance and culture. This program is adaptable for ESL students and groups studying subjects such as Spanish language, history, or dance. Movement styles include: Afro-Caribbean, Spanish Dance, Modern Dance, and Folkloric dances of the Americas.

Sample Residency:
After school Afro-Caribbean Dance program for Students with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE Students). The goal was to use culturally relevant program content to help students build language and communication skills. Students shared their own knowledge of dance and culture from their backgrounds and compared and contrasted the qualities and traditions with those being taught by Teaching Artist Amparo Santiago.

Other Groups

Ballet Hispánico works to the best of its abilities to fit the needs of groups interested in working with us.

In addition to the in-school residencies, we provide workshops in places like colleges, universities, community centers, dance schools, businesses, and special interest groups.

We also offer workshops designed for Spanish speaking students learning English and for students learning Spanish. Depending on the level of experience with dance, participants explore movement and cultural content with teaching artists that are well prepared for the needs and interests of the group. Let us know what is unique about your group and we will try our best to fit your needs.
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Dance Schools
  • ESL Students
  • Spanish Language Students
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