School Year 2021-2022


(AGES 6-18)

Providing the young dance enthusiast with cultural enrichment alongside excellent dance training, the Encuentros Program at Ballet Hispánico offers something for everyone. Developed with the highest level of artistic excellence, our program supports dancers interested in taking anywhere from one to multiple dance classes per week. Offering a wide array of classes including Ballet, Flamenco, Hip-Hop, Latin Rhythms, West African Rhythms, Salsa, Jazz, and Tap, our students can create a tailored schedule to fit their needs.

No audition is required to register for this program.



Students are introduced to a ballet curriculum that enables them to develop a holistic understanding and mastery of technical skills in a disciplined yet nurturing environment. Our ballet program emphasizes clarity of line, execution and precision, dynamic movement, musicality, and artistic expression. Our curriculum draws from the internationally renowned Cuban methodology, which emphasizes plasticity and virtuosity to create proficient and powerful dancers. La Academia upper level students will also train in pointe work.


Boys Class provides a creative outlet for beginner and intermediate level students to develop athleticism and express their artistry in an all boys class. This elective class focuses on conditioning, jumps, turns, flexibility, and creative expression. Ballet and contemporary techniques are introduced. It is great to take on its own or pair with other technique classes.


Spanish Dance has been the backbone of the School of Dance since its founding in the early 1970’s. Students in the Encuentros Program focus on flamenco, studying the roots and history of the art form, alongside the technique and artistry.


Explore the culture, history, and evolution of hip-hop! Students learn various styles, including locking, popping, house, breaking, and freestyle; building their strength, skill, and technique. Classes pay homage to the hip-hop pioneers, creating a safe learning space and a sense of community for students to engage in this social dance form.


The fundamentals of jazz technique build strong body alignment, increased flexibility, and muscle awareness through its form and style. Students develop musicality and retention skills as they perform combinations and learn the artistry of various jazz repertoire. Stretch and conditioning is an important element of the class structure, along with the exploration of historical jazz roots.


Designed to teach students the history, culture, and social etiquette of Latin dances, these classes sharpen skills in musicality, dance terminology, footwork, body actions, arm styling, floor craft, and partnering. Classes increase in complexity throughout the year, with mucho sabor!


Dancers will be guided through stretching and conditioning exercises that support a dancer’s flexibility, strength, and overall fitness. Information about injury prevention and tools to maintain their physical readiness in support of their dance training will be taught throughout the course. This class is recommended for all Encuentros and La Academia students to further support their training.


Students will learn tap fundamentals as they develop footwork precision, movement coordination, balance & weight shifts, and rhythmic accuracy. Emphasis is placed on developing the students’ artistry and improvisational skills alongside the history of the artform.


This class serves as an introduction to the energetic richness of traditional West African movement and technical principles. Within themes of polycentrism and rhythm, this class explores West African dances to reveal traditions of culture.

*Indicates classes that will not perform at the recital