School Year 2021-2022
(AGES 2-5)

Ballet Hispánico’s Los Pasitos: Early Childhood Program (Ages 2-5) merges creativity, cultures, and technique. Its curriculum focuses on developing coordination, spatial awareness, and musicality, with an emphasis on each child’s individual self-expression and ability to work cooperatively. Students learn proper dance etiquette, explore the wide spectrum of Latino cultures, and build a solid foundation for dance training in a joyful, creative environment.

No audition is required to register for this program.


*Pasitos Age 2
(2 year olds with one parent or caregiver)

Children discover the joy of dance alongside an adult. Through the use of cultural imagery, songs, and games, this class fosters each student’s coordination, control, and musicality in partnership with their parent or caregiver. As students gain confidence and independence with the material, the teacher will encourage the students to do more of the class independently.

*Please note only one adult (parent or caregiver) may attend class with each 2 year old. No additional adults or children will be allowed in the studios, this includes siblings of any age. An adult is required to attend each class with their 2 year old and is expected to participate alongside them as instructed by the teacher. "

Pasitos Age 3, Ages 3 & 4 combined, Age 4

Students articulate body parts, explore shapes and actions, and develop basic locomotor movements, while learning dance etiquette. Each class celebrates Latino cultures and enhances coordination, musicality, and movement dynamics with an emphasis on creative expression.

Hablando y Bailando Ages 4 & 5

Creative movement and the Spanish language merge in this bilingual class. Children are introduced to the Spanish language while developing basic dance skills, learning to follow directions and respond in Spanish. This is a rich artistic and cultural experience for your budding dancer to build dance and language vocabulary. No prior Spanish language knowledge is required. This class works well paired with the Pasitos Pre-Ballet Age 5, and/or Los Explorers Ages 4 & 5, and/or Pasitos Rhythms Ages 4 & 5.

Pasitos Rhythms Ages 4 - 5

Children are introduced to a world of rhythms as they learn the fundamentals of tap, flamenco, and folklorico, strengthening musicality and coordination. This fun and challenging class immerses children in the history and culture of the dance forms through their dynamic rhythms. This class bridges the student’s base from Pasitos Age 3 & 4 to the rhythm skills and coordination needed in the Encuentros Flamenco, Tap, and Jazz classes Ages 6 & 7.

Pasitos Pre-Ballet Age 5

Creativity and technique are fused into one fun class that refines musicality, flexibility, and control. Students will study foundational ballet concepts through classic stories and cultural music, while also continuing to hone their creative expression. This class bridges the student’s base from Pasitos 3 & 4 to the codified technique of ballet.

This foundational year prepares students for our Encuentros Ballet class Ages 6 & 7.