Instituto Coreográfico

Through Instituto Coreográfico, Ballet Hispánico encourages the development of Latino leaders and the creation of new works of art that expand our cultural dialogue.

When Ballet Hispánico was founded more than 47 years ago, Latinos were invisible to the dance field. Since its founding, Ballet Hispánico has played an instrumental role in changing the narrative -- now, generations of Latinos have produced art that reinterpret their heritage, bringing fresh perspectives on the Latino experience. In 2010, Artistic Director & CEO Eduardo Vilaro launched Instituto Coreográfico, a choreography institute for Latino artists, to create culturally specific work in a nurturing learning laboratory of dance. Mr. Vilaro created Instituto Coreográfico to foster a dialogue about the Latino experience and to express the complexity of the diaspora through dance. This innovative learning laboratory provides both emerging choreographers and dance filmmakers with a professional and supportive environment to explore their heritage and to develop their craft. Throughout their residency, choreographers receive ongoing feedback from a group of notable artistic mentors and advisers, archive recordings of the rehearsals, an edited film of the resulting work, an academic adviser, and a showing of their work. With this invaluable platform, Ballet Hispánico continues to give a voice to young artists and continues to nurture Latinos in the arts.

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