La Academia: Pre-Professional Division (Ages 7-23)

2024 - 2025 School Year

September 16, 2024 - June 13, 2025

Ballet Hispánico’s Pre-Professional Division, La Academia, trains eclectic, versatile dancers who stand out in a competitive field of dance for their mastery of the classical ballet tradition, contemporary techniques, Spanish Dance, and performance skills. Designed to develop young artists wanting high level training in a nurturing environment, the program is also especially helpful for students interested in attending performing arts schools, conservatory/university programs, and/or those pursuing a career in dance. High school and college-aged students that reach Level 5B in La Academia have the option of pursuing the full curriculum or one of three specialized tracks: ballet, Spanish dance, or contemporary.

Auditions are required for Ballet Hispanico’s La Academia: Pre-Professional Division.



Through complex rhythms, vivid stories, and rich history, students develop dance fundamentals while exploring the artistry of Afro-Caribbean traditions. Drawing from modern, contemporary, and Afrocentric dance practices, this class develops core dance principles such as balance and coordination while introducing students to intricate rhythms and vibrant expressivity. Afro-Caribbean prepares students for ongoing studies in a wide range of dance forms including modern, contemporary, and African-based styles.


Students are introduced to a ballet curriculum that enables them to develop a holistic understanding and mastery of ballet technique in a disciplined yet nurturing environment. Our ballet program emphasizes placement, clarity of line, execution, precision, dynamic movement, musicality, and artistic expression. Our curriculum draws from several renowned methodologies, including the Cuban school, with a contemporary American perspective that draws on current best practices, while emphasizing plasticity and virtuosity to create strong and expressive dancers. La Academia upper level students, with an introduction in Level 3A, will also train in pointe work. For the highest levels, there will be a variations and/or ballet repertory component.

Modern Dance & Contemporary

Students will focus on the techniques and styles of modern dance masters José Limón, Martha Graham, and Katherine Dunham throughout their training in the La Academia program. Classes focus on developing core dance principles, such as balance and coordination, while exploring diverse movement concepts. The curriculum includes spinal articulation, floorwork, movement dynamics, use of weight, and complex rhythms, creating students adaptable to the contemporary dance landscape. Contemporary explores a wide array of movement styles of dance artists of the day, focusing on spatial and body awareness, use of body weight, floor work, leaps, turns, efficiency of muscle usage, and at times fusion of genres.

Performance Studies

Performance Studies provides an emphasis on learning and rehearsing repertory in preparation for performance opportunities scheduled throughout the year. Students will receive coaching and mentorship to develop performance skills and readiness.

*Ballet Repertory and Variations

This class is for La Academia upper levels ready to learn the context and choreography of ballet through an established repertory chosen specifically for this purpose. Ballet Repertory and Variations will enhance dancers’ command of their hard-won technical skills while giving them the opportunity to explore the more artistic aspects of the ballet, including musicality, corps de ballet work, character dances, variations and story-telling. They will learn about the culture and history of the genre, contextualizing the technique they have honed throughout their years of training in La Academia ballet curriculum. This class will include a thorough ballet warm-up prior to learning choreography, and is required for Levels 5A & 5B La Academia students that have registered for the full program or Ballet Track.

**Pre-Pointe/Pointe Technique Class (Available in the Encuentros Program)

NEW! and exciting ballet pre-pointe/pointe class on Saturdays is for the beginner pointe dancer, to improve your pointe work. The dancer must have a solid foundation in ballet technique and approval from the instructor and be in levels 3 and higher to register.

This class will focus on strengthening the muscles of the legs, feet, ankles, and core in order to support their pointe work. Dancers will continue to improve their overall alignment and the control necessary to dance on pointe. When the dancer is ready, they will start working on pointe, facing the barre.

Please DO NOT buy pointe shoes before the class begins. The instructor will work with each student to make sure they find the appropriate shoe and fit before making this big investment. This class is highly recommended for La Academia students to further support their training.

*Repertory Workshop

Students will have the opportunity to take master classes from artists in the field in a wide array of genres and styles such as contemporary, hip-hop, improvisation, Latin rhythms, acting, voice, musical theater, and more curated to support artistry development. Coupled with an emphasis on professional development, this course prepares students for their careers in the larger dance world ahead of them. Students will also have the opportunity to be exposed to various styles of repertory and receive performance coaching.

Spanish Dance

Spanish Dance forms have been the backbone of the School of Dance since its founding in the early 1970’s. Our curriculum covers flamenco, Spanish folk dance, danza estilizada, and escuela bolera, studying the roots and history of the forms alongside the technique and artistry.

*Specialized Studies in Spanish Dance

Students will have the opportunity to deepen their studies in Spanish Dance. They will investigate specific elements of the art form under the guidance of guest master teachers. Areas of focus will include cante, palmas, flamenco structure, castanets, escuela bolera, Zarzuela repertory, mantón, abanico technique, and more.

**Stretch & Conditioning

Dancers will be guided through stretching and conditioning exercises that support a dancer’s flexibility, strength, and overall fitness. Information about injury prevention and tools to maintain their physical readiness in support of their dance training will be taught throughout the course. Please note equipment will need to be purchased. List of items needed will be shared with registered students.

*For levels 1A through 5B, “*” indicates classes that may or may not perform at the end of year recital.

**For levels 1A through 5B, “**” indicates classes that will not perform at the end of year recital.

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La Academia: Pre-Professional Division (Ages 7-23)

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