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Gabby Meza

ChoreoLaB Student

Gabby Meza, a native of New Jersey, started her training at a recreational dance studio at the age of 3. She then continued her training with a pre-professional dance company during her high school career. She spent her summers studying with Ballet Hispanico, Doug Varone and Earl Mosley. Throughout her years of dancing, Gabby has been exposed to many styles of dance including Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Flamenco to name a few. Through her Zumba certification and cultural background, she is experienced in Latin and Afro styles such as Cumbia, Merengue, Soca, Salsa, and Reggaeton. She has also studied Gaga and the Kova style in Barcelona, Spain.  

Gabby is currently pursuing a BFA in Dance at Montclair State University where she has performed works by Michelle Manzanales, Miguel Miranda, Stefanie Batten-Bland Jessie DiMauro-Marks and Maxine Steinman. 

Gabby Meza, ChoreoLaB Student

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