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Empowering Youth

Each year, the BH School of Dance serves members of its community through formative dance training, reaching children to young adults across the socioeconomic spectrum and at all levels of training — from toddlers who learn to dance as they learn to walk, to novice teenagers making their first tentative taps, to seasoned young adults poised to embark on full-time careers as professional dancers. At the heart of its mission to increase access to excellent dance education, the School provides dozens of young dancers with merit- and need- based scholarships, ranging from approximately 10% tuition coverage to full tuition support. This support is critical to ensuring that all who want to dance can dance.

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Scholarship Levels of Support

$20,000 or more

A gift of $20,000 provides a full year of tuition, performance opportunities, and professional development for 1 Pa’lante Scholar (a dancer between the pre-professional and professional stages of their career, age 18-25).

  • Tuition coverage alone does not remove all barriers toward program participation. Funding beyond the $20,000 tuition amount would cover much needed living expenses and costs for Pa’lante Scholars.

$15,000 or more

A gift of $15,000 provides a full year of tuition for 1 professional studies student (age 18-25).

  • Tuition coverage alone does not remove all barriers toward program participation. Funding beyond the $15,000 tuition amount would cover much needed living expenses and costs for professional studies students.

$10,000 - $14,999
A gift of $10,000 provides a full year of tuition for 1 advanced level student (age 7-25).

  • Many advanced students require ancillary training, equipment, and resources beyond base tuition costs. Funding beyond the $10,000 tuition amount provides coverage for these additional expenses.

$5,000 - $9,999
Provides a full year of tuition for 1 beginner level student (age 6-18).

  • Coursework costs for beginner level students vary, and range from $5,000 to $9,999. Prior to their advanced training, beginner level students take an individualized bundle of classes.

$2,000* - $4,999
Provides partial tuition for 1 student at any level (age 2-25).

  • Coursework costs vary depending on training level. Support at this level funds partial tuition costs for students at any age and study level.

Gifts up to $2,000
Partial scholarships for students at any level (2-25).

  • Funding up to $2,000 provides partial tuition at any level of study, as well as funding for other student needs including equipment, costumes, and more.

*Scholarship support at the $2,000 level and above provides the sponsor with regular progress reports on the sponsored student's training, and the opportunity to interact with the student at receptions, rehearsals, and performances.

Who gets to receive a BH School scholarship?

BH believes that cost should never get in the way of a child’s wish to dance — no matter their natural ability.

All students taking audition-based advanced classes are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. These scholarships range from partial tuition coverage, to a select number of promising students chosen for full tuition coverage (Nuestro Futuro Scholars).

All students — regardless of training level, age, or identified talent — may apply for need-based support if cost is a prohibitive factor to their dance education. Crucially, parents/guardians must only provide evidence of need, regardless of employment or immigration status, in order to qualify. Need-based scholarships likewise range from partial to full tuition support depending on evident need.

Community Arts Partnerships additionally identifies approximately 2-3 students per community residency class to receive 50% tuition support to enroll in School classes — these students may also apply for need-based support to cover the gap, as well as merit-based scholarships as their training progresses. Students are identified by the school teachers and by BH teaching artists, some from their natural movement ability, others simply from their clear love for dance.

How many annual scholarship recipients are chosen?

BH allocates approximately $300k annually in scholarship support, about 50% toward need-based and 50% toward merit-based scholarships. This provides partial and full support for about 150 students. In addition, about $20k is allocated toward CAP scholarships, providing about 40 students with partial scholarships to enroll in the School.

A mix-and-match model: BH is committed to providing an individually tailored, comprehensive scholarship package to identified students — allocating some students with full merit-based scholarships, some with full need-based scholarships, and many with a mix of merit and need scholarships, CAP and need scholarships, etc.

BH School scholarships are critical to filling the gap in dancers of color on the world’s stages, creating not only a pipeline of talent for the professional dance sector, but also infusing long-neglected communities with artistic resources and ensuring underserved voices are both celebrated and magnified.

Since its founding 50 years ago, BH has trained over 20,000 students and provided $5.5 million in School of Dance scholarships. Together with your support, BH can continue providing excellent dance education to countless young people in the years to come.

Scholarship Programs

Nuestro Futuro Scholarship Program

The Nuestro Futuro Scholarship Program rewards students of exceptional talent with a full-tuition scholarship to Ballet Hispánico’s School of Dance. For many students in our community, a dance education would not be possible without considerable financial support. Ongoing investment in talented students ensures that Ballet Hispánico prepares students for success in higher education or professional careers.

If you are interested in applying for the Nuestro Futuro Scholarship Program, please click here.

Pa’lante Scholars

The Pa’lante Scholars initiative is an innovative, tuition-free professional studies program designed to bridge the gap between the pre-professional and professional stages of a dancer’s career.

Ballet Hispánico is answering the need for more career centered programs that build artistry and leadership for our communities, without the financial burden often tied to professional development. We believe that a talented young dancer should never be held back by financial strain. Removing the financial barrier to professional training will in turn ensure young dancers can pursue artistic careers without the burden of debt. The impact of this vision will be reflected as dancers are better able to flourish in their artistic careers, ultimately strengthening recognition and representation of Latinx dancers in the field.

If you are interested in applying for the Pa’lante Scholars program, please click here.

Ballet Hispánico Scholarships

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