Gift of Life Insurance

You can make a significant gift by naming Ballet Hispánico of New York, Inc. as:

  • A beneficiary of your life insurance policy; so that Ballet Hispánico will receive the proceeds after your lifetime
  • A co-beneficiary with others; who will share the life insurance proceeds with Ballet Hispánico after your lifetime
  • A contingent beneficiary; directing that Ballet Hispánico will receive the proceeds if the primary beneficiary should predecease you


  • You retain control over your life insurance policy during your lifetime
  • You can change the beneficiary, if circumstances change
  • If the proceeds of your life insurance policy are transferred to ballet Hispánico, your estate may be entitled to a tax deduction for the value of your gift
  • Your gift will help assure Ballet Hispánico’s future

Another option:
If you own a fully paid-up life insurance policy with cash value, you can donate that policy to Ballet Hispánico during your lifetime, making Ballet Hispánico of New York, Inc. the owner and irrevocable beneficiary of the policy. By making this gift you may be entitled to an income tax deduction in the year of the gift.

Gift of Life Insurance

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