Ballet Hispanico

Pre-Professional Program (Ages 7-18)


Training eclectic, versatile dancers that stand out in a competitive professional environment for their mastery of the classical ballet tradition, familiarity with contemporary technique, and exposure to Spanish dance.

The Ballet Hispanico School of Dance Pre-Professional Program is a unique intensive training system developed with the full spectrum of the BH curriculum that aims to produce a well-rounded dancer. After ten years of training in the Pre-Professional Program, a dancer will possess:

  • superior classical technique founded in Cuban methodology, a specialty unique to Ballet Hispanico
  • a strong understanding of contemporary forms to diversify and strengthen their education
  • a musical and multicultural dance perspective to support a versatile career path

Additional classes in Repertory, Improv, and Pas de Deux round out one of the nation's most diverse dance training programs.

Admission to the Pre-Professional Program is by AUDITION only.* Open auditions have now concluded, but private auditions can be conducted by special arrangement. To arrange a private audition, please contact Pre-Professional Coordinator Caridad Martinez at 212-362-6710 x35 or

Please bring with you to the audition:
1) Audition application form (available for download HERE)
2) $20.00 Audition fee (cash only)
3) Two 5x7 photos: tendu a la seconde, headshot (ages 7-8 may bring headshot only)

*Current Ballet Hispanico School of Dance students in the Pre-Professional Program do not need to audition. They may simply register for the program and Ballet Hispanico's Pre-Professional Coordinator will determine their level placement.

If accepted into the Pre-Professional Program, download the registration forms HERE and either:
E-mail to Derek Leyva at
Fax to 212-362-3081
Mail to Ballet Hispanico, 167 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024
Drop off at Ballet Hispanico School of Dance, 167 West 89th Street near Amsterdam Ave (Tuesday thru Friday 10AM-5PM)

SCHOLARSHIPS are available for those who qualify. Download the scholarship application form HERE.

Questions? Contact the School Office at 212-362-6710.


The uniquely designed ballet program at Ballet Hispanico serves as the foundation and basis of all the dance techniques. Students develop self-confidence and a mastery of technical skill in a disciplined yet nurturing environment. The program emphasizes attention to detail, dynamic movement, musicality, and expressiveness through dance quality. Training draws from the internationally classical Cuban technique, a methodology which emphasizes plasticity and virtuosity to create proficient and powerful dancers.


Meaning “on the tip,” this classical ballet technique is practiced using specially reinforced shoes called pointe shoes. This ballet technique is taught in combination with our Cuban methodology to strengthen and reinforce the technical abilities of our students.

Spanish Dance and Flamenco

Ballet Hispanico’s unique Spanish Dance curriculum incorporates varied regional dance styles from Spain, including flamenco and Escuela Clásica. This dramatic technique engages the entire body through hand, arm, and footwork exercises. Classes feature complex rhythm exercises, full-length choreography, and brief descriptions of the history of the art form and its expressive content. Younger Pre-Professional levels emphasize style and classicism. In Level 4, students focus on the richness and density of the form in preparation for the fusion of the Spanish style with the contemporary technique and repertory classes of Level 5.

Limón-Based Modern Technique

This technique encourages students to find their own movement and personal uniqueness. Filled with emotion and passion, Limón technique focuses primarily on fall and rebound, suspense and succession. This modern class builds strength while creating a freeness and exploration of movement in its most natural state.

Graham-Based Modern Technique

Martha Graham’s unique dance technique broke the mold of classical ballet and remains at the forefront of modern dance. Graham’s deviation from classical ballet and use of specific body movements such as the contraction, release and spiral has profoundly influenced the development of modern dance. This class will strengthen the core as it emphasizes breath, energy and dynamism.

Improvisation and Dance Making

The freedom of Improvisation and Dance Making cultivates a critical thinker. This class develops an independent dancer and channels a creative mind as students learn basic choreographic devices and create their own works. Dancers will gain self-confidence as they explore the limitless possibilities of dance.

Pas de Deux

In ballet, a Pas de Deux is a danced duet. In this class, students learn the art of classical partnering. Because many pas de deux are danced on pointe, this class builds on the pointe technique learned in the program’s other classes. Students will explore shifts of weight and timing, and most importantly develop trust of their fellow dancers.


This class offers high-level students the rare opportunity to learn celebrated Ballet Hispanico company repertory alongside other significant ballets in the dance canon. Dancers will effectively integrate contemporary and classical forms to help them succeed in a highly competitive dance field. Students are trained for a professional career of learning and processing choreography.

Classical Variations

Students learn challenging variations from well-known ballets such as Le Corsaire, Sleeping Beauty, and Giselle. The class builds on articulation, strength, and awareness while developing the artistic elements of performance.


Level 1A

TUES 4:30-5:40PM Ballet 1A
TUES 5:45-6:45PM Spanish 1A
THUR 4:30-5:40PM Ballet 1A
THUR 5:45-6:45PM Spanish 1A


Level 1B

MON 4:30-5:55PM Ballet 1B
MON 6:00-7:00PM Spanish 1B
WEDS 4:30-5:55PM Ballet 1B
WEDS 6:00-7:00PM Spanish 1B


Level 2A

TUES 4:30-5:55PM Ballet 2A
TUES 6:00-7:00PM Spanish 2A
WEDS 6:00-7:15PM Modern 2A (Limón)
THURS 4:30-5:55PM Ballet 2A
THURS 6:00-7:00PM Spanish 2A


Level 2B

MON 4:30-5:55PM Ballet 2B
MON 6:00-7:00PM Spanish 2B
TUES 6:00-7:15PM Modern 2B (Limón)
WEDS 4:30-5:55PM Ballet 2B
WEDS 6:00-7:00PM Spanish 2B
THURS 6:00-7:15PM Modern 2B (Limón)


Level 3A

TUES 4:30-5:55PMModern 3A (Limón)
TUES6:00-7:30PMBallet 3A
THURS4:30-5:55PMModern 3A (Limón)
THURS6:00-7:30PMBallet 3A
FRI4:30-5:55PMBallet 3A
FRI6:00-7:15PMFlamenco 3A
SAT2:30-3:45PMFlamenco 3A


Level 3B

MON 4:30-5:55PM Ballet 3B
MON 6:00-7:00PM Pointe 3B
TUES 4:30-5:55PM Modern 3B (Limón)
WEDS 4:30-5:55PM Ballet 3B
WEDS 6:00-7:00PM Pointe 3B
THUR 4:30-5:55PM Modern 3B (Limón)
THUR 6:00-7:30PM Flamenco 3B


Level 4A

TUES 4:30-5:55PM Pointe 4A
TUES 6:00-7:30PM Modern 4A (Graham)
WEDS 4:30-5:55PM Flamenco 4A
THUR 4:30-5:55PM Modern 4A (Graham)
THUR 6:00-7:30PM Pointe 4A
FRI 4:30-5:55PM Flamenco 4A
FRI 6:00-7:30PM Ballet 4A
SAT 11:15AM-12:45PM Ballet 4A


Level 4B

MON4:30-5:55PMFlamenco 4B
MON6:00-7:30PMBallet 4B
WEDS4:30-5:55PMFlamenco 4B
WEDS 6:00-7:30PMBallet 4B
THURS4:30-5:55PMPointe 4B
FRI4:30-5:55PMBallet 4B
FRI6:00-7:30PMModern 4B (Graham)
SAT12:45-2:15PMPointe 4B
SAT 2:15-3:45PMModern 4B (Graham)


Level 5A

MON 4:30-5:55PM Ballet 5A
MON 6:00-7:30PM Modern 5A (Graham)
TUES 4:30-5:55PM Improv and Dance Making 5A
TUES  6:00-7:30PM Classical Variations 5A
WEDS 4:30-5:55PM Ballet 5A
WEDS  6:00-7:30PM Modern 5A (Graham)
FRI 4:30-5:55PM Improv and Dance Making 5A
FRI 6:00-7:30PM Repertory 5A
SAT 12:00-1:30PM Ballet 5A
SAT 1:30-2:30PM Pointe 5A
SAT  2:45-4:15PM Pas de Deux



Class Attire and Mandatory Student Dress Code


  • Students must be in proper dress to participate in class
  • Girls’ hair must be pulled back in a neat bun
  • Short hair must be secured from swinging about the face
  • No jewelry or watches should be worn. Small stud earrings are permitted.
  • No plastic pants, extra tee shirts, baggy sweatpants or legwarmers are permitted
  • A Capezio warm-up wrap sweater CS301 & CS301C (Pink only) or Capezio knit crop-tie sweater- CS300 & CS300C (Pink only) is permitted for warmth
  • A black dance belt is recommended for males ages 10 and up

, Pas de Deux, Pointe, Repertory, Classical Variations
Females are required to wear pink convertible tights and pink ballet slippers.
Level 1A & B- White Capezio Style # CC101c Princess Camisole leotard
Level 2A & B- Lavender Capezio Style # CC101c Princess Camisole leotard
Level 3A & B- Royal Capezio Style # CC101 Princess Camisole leotard
Level 4A & B- Plum Capezio Style # BX110 Tank leotard

Level 5A- Black Capezio Style # BX110 Tank leotard

Males All Levels – Capezio brand white fitted crew neck tee shirt style # 5938, black Capezio leggings style # 1562, a black dance belt, white socks and white ballet slippers

Females- Level leotard with black flamenco skirt, black flamenco shoes and castanets (pollopas available at Menkes NY)
Males- Capezio brand white fitted crew neck tee shirt style #5938, black Capezio leggings style # CC751, a black dance belt , white socks with black flamenco shoes and castanets (pollopas available at Menkes NY)

Limón/Graham Modern (Levels 2A/B, 3A/B, 4A/B and 5A), Improvisation and Dancemaking
Females - Level leotard with pink convertible tights or black footless tights, bare feet
Males - Capezio brand white fitted crew neck tee shirt style # 5938; black Capezio leggings style # CC751, a black dance belt and bare feet

Where to Purchase

Ballet Hispanico school uniform requirements are available at:

  • Barbara Gee Danskin Center at Broadway / 83rd street (25% discount for Ballet Hispanico students).
  • Capezio at 201 Amsterdam Ave. at 69th Street
  • Flamenco shoes and castanets are available at Menkes, 250 West 54th Street, 8th floor (between Broadway and 8th Avenue). Please purchase pollopas castanets only.  Ballet Hispanico students will receive a discount.


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